95-99 Neon 2.4 motor swap Power Steering bracket close to completion!!

This has taken quite a bit of time, but we are now on the home stretch of finishing this 2.4 swap bracket for Power Steering on the 95-99 Neon.

For those of you not familiar with this piece, we have made this bracket for 95-99 Neon owners who are doing 2.4 motor swaps from the Dodge Stratus/Chrysler Cirrus/Plymouth Breeze into their 95-99 Neon.

One problem guys will have when they swap the 2.4 into their car, is that the Neon bracket doesnt work, and you need to get a bracket from a PT cruiser and modify it so that it will work with the Neon power steering bracket. Now, the problem with using the PT bracket, is that it needs to be modified, and even AFTER modifying it to, it frequently breaks due to vibration, resonance and poor bracing.

We at MP have several 2.4 swapped Neons, and we have continued to have problems with the PT cruiser bracket braking, and flexing due to the bracing problem. So, we decided to make a 2.4 swap bracket that will NEVER break and will be super strong, but yet also make it easy to adjust the power steering pump.

This bracket is made from 1/5 inch thick steel and is cut with a water jet. Water jetting creates a extremely accurate cut, which allows for precisely fitted pieces, and perfect slots for the bolts to slide for adjusting the power steering pump.

Neon 2.4 swap power steering bracket

Take a look at how thick the material is. Once this is welded up into the assembled bracket, it will not flex, or bend, or break at all.

Neon 95-99 2.4 swap power steering bracket

This is a mockup of the pieces, and what it will look like once its all welded up. Ultimately, after we weld up all of the pieces, the bracket will be powdercoated black so it will never rust or corrode.

Neon 95-99 2.4 swap power steering bracket

More updates to come! If you have a 2.4 swap, or are planning on it, get ready, we are VERY close to releasing these brackets for sale !!

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