New ER Series BC Coilovers with seperate rebound/compression adjustment now in stock for 2003-2005 Dodge SRT-4

BC Coilovers ER Series Dodge SRT-4

This is the ultimate in coilovers from BC.

This set of coilovers, which is overkill for most daily driven cars, is really designed for anyone who wants the ultimate in control of their suspension and the ability to fine tune their suspension.

The ER coilovers are basically the exact same type as the regular coilovers (with front camber plates, triple hard coat protection finish), except that instead of having ONE knob for rebound and compression adjustment, the rebound and compression are now seperately adjustable.

This means that you can fine tune your cars suspension for:

Spring pretension
30 way Rebound
20 way Compression

NOTE: If when you are reading this, and you dont understand any of the above terms, and all your looking for is to just slam your Neon SRT-4, please look at the basic BC Coilovers we offer. We dont mean to be harsh, but we dont want anyone buying a way advanced set of coilovers for their needs.

BC Coilovers ER Series Dodge SRT-4

BC Coilovers ER Series Dodge SRT-4

Link to the ER coilovers:

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