Newest addition our MP employee car stable!

Our employee Matt recently purchased 2004 Dodge Neon Srt4 with some special plans. The Srt4 will be disassembled, motor, transmission and wiring harness will be removed. Then, Matt is going to purchase a PT/GT cruiser with automatic transmission. The PT/Gt cruiser will be disassembled as well, Motor, transmission and all wiring. The Pt/GT motor, transmission and complete wiring harness will be transferred into the Dodge Neon Srt4. Lastly, Matt will transfer the Neon SRT4 engine, wiring and manual trans into his 98 Neon. So in the end we’ll have a PT/GT shell, a Neon SRT4 with automatic trans, and a Neon first gen with Neon SRT4 engine and trans, complete wiring.

Before some of you ask, why are we swapping in a PT/GT cruisers automatic engine and trans, its for Matts wife! We’ll be posting more pics as we take them, stay tuned!

Depo projector headlights, Fiber Images F1 carbon fiber hood

Over all the body of this srt4 is in good shape, no accidents and clean title!

Fiber Images Carbon fiber trunk, Borla 2.5 Full exhaust system

Wings West rear bumper which is discontinued and pretty rare to see.

In a few months this engine bay will look nothing like this!

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