OBX Reworked LSD’s for 95-05 Neon/Eclipse by Mr Ed Peters to begin selling at MP shortly

Just a heads up!
We’re about to start selling OBX LSD’s for the 95-05 Neon/Eclipse.
Now, these arent your everyday OBX lsd’s that are all over Ebay, these are improved OBX LSD’s by Mr Ed Peters.
Mr Ed Peters takes each unit apart, and improves on several problem areas in the OBX LSD.

For those of you not familiar with Mr Ed Peters, he is a retired Chrysler engineer that is a friend of ours, and transmission guru. He can rebuild T350’s and T850’s blindfolded!

The great news, is that these will not cost much more than a standard OBX LSD. More details to come shortly, we’ll announce these shortly on our site!

Written by Modern Performance

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