Parking details for MP meet 7-24-10 in Houston, Texas

We’re expecting a HUGE turnout for our MP meet 7-24-10 at our warehouse in Houston.
Because of the huge turnout, and because we have a neighbor thats open on saturday serving breakfast, we have to be careful to NOT occupy their parking spaces.

RED – Do not park in this area! there is one business open and we need to save them parking spaces. This area will be coned.
BLUE – Open parking. The area in front of MP (Green) will always fill first, please spill over to adjacent parking. *If you get to park in front of MP, LOOK for an MP crew member for directions on where put your car. Once our lot fills, we will be directing people over to the next area.

Leave as little space as possible between vehicles, don’t try to stay in the lines. We’ll be directing people and helping you park. Parallel park in the area between buildings is also good.

*Please help us police the RED area, if you see someone trying to park there wave them off and direct them to MP Crew or to an open area.
*Parking is first come first serve but don’t try to show up at 8AM! Meet starts at NOON!

*Please clean up after yourselves, don’t try to have a burn out contest or crank up your car stereo too loud.

Written by Modern Performance

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