MP Meet 7/18/09 – Parking lot layout – READ if your coming to the meet!

Ok guys, 3 more days until we have the MP meet.

We’ve got a LOT of Neon SRT-4’s, Neons, Caliber SRT-4’s all coming to this meet, from as far away as Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin.

If your going to be driving out to the meet, please pay close attention.

MP has a fairly large parking lot up front, however we do have another business that shares our strip shopping center and parking lot so we need to leave them some parking.

Heres a satellite view of MP’s parking lot. The blue area is the area we can park at. The RED areas are the areas that we should leave open for our neighbors.

One thing I have to stress, is DO NOT PARK in between the lines ! Park as close as possible to your neighbor without dinging their doors! If we all park within the parking lines we’ll have a LOT less parking spaces for everyone else. If you see someone parking in the no park zone, or trying to park within the lines, please let them know so that we can all have a great parking space and have a great time.

Once we fill up the main lot, we have a side alley that we can park cars as an overflow.

If you havent already made plans to come to this meet, make plans!! We’ll have several of our project cars out front, along with our 24 hours of lemons race car. We’ll have food, drinks and snacks all provided by MP at no charge.

Written by Modern Performance

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4 more days till Neon/Neon SRT-4/Caliber meet at MP! 7/18/09 !!

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