Photos of an intercooler with a little bit of a boost leak..

Photos of an intercooler that had a massive weld failure/leak.

This is NOT an MPx intercooler. The MPX intercooler has a cast one piece end tank to prevent blow outs and or leaks like this!

This intercooler was from a customer that recently traded in his blown intercooler for a AGP race intercooler on his Neon SRT4 that had about 450 hp. He was at the top end of 2nd gear when this blew out, at about 30 psi.

We think his intercooler already had a weld failure/pinhole leak, and eventually air burst its way through the side of this poor intercooler.

Onto the pics!

Boost leak through intercooler
Boost leak through intercooler
Boost leak through intercooler

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