Pics of prototype MPx 3 inch o2 housing for Neon SRT4’s equipped with Mopar stage 3 kits

We’ve got a prototype made of our new MPx 3 inch o2 housing for the Mopar Stage 3 kit (Neon SRT4).
This piece upgrades the factory o2 housing in the Mopar stage 3 from a 2.25 inch outlet designed to work with factory downpipes, to a 3 inch outlet for use with aftermarket downpipes. Doing so increases the flow capacity by nearly 40%, ramping up spool of the turbo even faster, and improving throttle response.

This is a prototype so the final design will change a little bit. But for now, here is proof that we’re working on this for you guys!

Mounted onto a Stage 3 turbo:

Written by Modern Performance

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