Note about the recently discontinued Dodge Caliber SRT4 Mopar stage 1 kits..

We’ve had a HUGE rush of orders from a lot of Caliber SRT4 owners that wanted to get a stage 1 kit before they sell out now that they are discontinued.

Most of you have already received the kits by now, and you’re probably noticing two interesting things with the stage 1 kits.

1) They are not coming with stage 1 badges like they used to.
2) They do not have a Mopar stage 1 sticker on the kit.

This is happening, because Mopar has discontinued the kit (supposedly due to crackdown for emissions purposes by the government).
Because Mopar no longer wants to offer this kit, they are finishing off the balance of pcms left (probably 30 pcms left as of 1/5/11).

We assure you, that these are still, direct from Mopar, and 100% stage 1 programming. Once these finally sell out (probably sometime in late january, or early february 2011) that there will be no more left, and no more stage 1’s for the Caliber SRT4 ever made.

Written by Modern Performance

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