P0846 / P0871 / P0888 Check engine codes with Mopar stage 2 / stage 3 kits

Mopar Stage 2 / 3 kits P0846 P0871 P0888 Code Scrubber tool

If you have a Mopar stage 2 or stage 3 kit on your 2003-2005 Dodge SRT-4, and you live in an emissions testing state, the problem code shown above on our scan tool will give you some problems.

You see, even though your driving around and you dont have a check engine light on, there are three check engine codes in memory with the stage 2/3 kits. Because of the way emissions testing is done, if you have a stage 2 / 3 kit and have ANY check engine codes, your car will fail emissions.

Now, your probably wondering why we have these P0846 , P0871 and P0888 codes in the stage 2 and 3 kits pcm’s. We’re not really sure why Mopar did that.

Furthermore, these codes are all for automatic transmissions. We dont have a automatic transmission sensor pressure switch on our manual transmission Neon SRT-4’s!

So, thats where this product comes in.

The N2MB code scrubber tool eliminates these codes from happening so that your car can pass emissions. Its a device you wire into your car under the dash into your OBD2 plug and it eliminates these bogus codes.

N2MB Code Scrubber

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