Rebuilding a Dodge/Plymouth Neon or SRT4 motor- costs to rebuild by a local machine shop

We had a customer ask us how much it would cost to rebuild his Neon. We thought this might be of help to others out there, so we’ve written a summary of what to expect to have someone tear down and assemble a engine at a machine shop.

There are a LOT of options as far as an engine rebuild goes.

– would you need the cylinders to be bored?
– Would you want the engine to be balanced?
– Would you want the cylinder head to be decked?
– Would you want coatings on the bearings?
– Would you want any head work done ?


But, if your looking for a general quote on what it would cost to assemble everything, if you dropped your motor off at a machine shop, we’d estimate about $350-$650 depending on the factors above, and your engine shops price rates.

Written by Modern Performance

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