Drove the 04 SRT4 and the 95 NYG Neon to the mechanics shop to start the swap..

It was time to bring the 04 SRT4 donor car and the 95 Nitro Yellow Green Neon over to the mechanic shop where the swap would take place.

I snapped this photo in route to the mechanics shop.
95 Neon NYG with 04 SRT4 in side view mirror

This photo may not be too impressive graphically, however, its the last photo I ever took of the SRT4 donor car driving under its own power, and the last photo I ever took driving the 95 Neon with the 2.4 all motor engine platform.

After both cars arrived at the mechanics shop less than 1 mile later after this photo, it was a matter of time before both were dissasembled to start the swap.

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2003-2005 Dodge SRT4 owners – notice oil in your uppipe, or intercooler ?

Teardown of both car’s interior, and motor for the swap