Roy Nesbakken’s 95-99 Neon WINNING races in Norway with help of Modern Performance!

Roy Nesbakken, a customer of ours from Norway sent us photos of his car at the track, along with this email.

“Hello from Norway. Here are some pictures from the two first races in the Norweigan championship in 2009. The new engine that we have built with parts from you work very well.

On the dyno we have a peak 192 horsepower to the wheels. The top of the engine is standard as well as the inlet and throttle body. But the compression is very high, we estimate it to be 13.8:1. We are able to run such high compression because we are running on ethanol fuel. I have the dyno graph if youd like to see it.

My web site is Best regards from Norway. Roy Nesbakken. ”

Congrats Roy!

Roy Nesbakken Norwegian Neon

We LOVE this photo, of a Corvette trailing Roys Neon !

Roy Nesbakken Norwegian Neon

This is another great photo.

Roy Nesbakken Norwegian Neon

Written by Modern Performance

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