Vibrant high flow Race Catalytic Convertor RE-Release!

We’ve carried this product for some time now, but had an older, outdated photo on the website. So, we’ve taken some new photos to show the redesigned, more compact shell.

The older type of Vibrant Universal High flow Catalytic convertor had a heat shield stamped onto it. This new type of Vibrant cat is much smaller in diameter, roughly 4 inches, and 8 inches in length that makes it super compact and easy to install in small or tight spaces. This makes it much easier to install a street legal cat in an exhaust tunnel, or off a turbo downpipe, etc compared to the larger, old brick style catalytic convertors.

These units feature a 100% stainless steel construction and a 300 cell per Sq. Inch catalyst that flows at 578 CFM, up to 40% better than a typical ceramic core converter.

Here are the new pictures.

Vibrant High Flow Race Catalytic Convertors

Vibrant High Flow Race Catalytic Convertors

These are available in 2.25 inch, 2.5 inch, and 3 inch sizes.

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