Timing Belt/Water pump/Tensioner packages available at MP with OEM MOPAR water pumps

We just came across a thread on in which someone mentioned they bought a timing belt, water pump with gasket, tensioner and idler bearing package from another company and they found the water pump was different than their oem pump. Turns out that the poster was getting a aftermarket 2.0 water pump and not the turbo 2.4 water pump.

So, the original poster paid $2 less than our package, but got a water pump that 1) was incorrect for his car 2) possibly of lesser quality. He also got a aftermarket tensioner when we provide MOPAR OEM tensioners as well!!

Dont compromise, we’ll get you quality components that are the correct for your car, and frequently with MOPAR OEM components!

2003-2005 Dodge SRT4 Timing Belt/Tensioner/Water pump package

2003-2005 Dodge SRT4 timing belt/water pump/tensioner package:

1995-1999 Dodge Neon DOHC Timing belt/tensioner/timing belt package:

1995-1999 Dodge Neon SOHC timing belt/tensioner/timing belt package:

We also have a lot of the components available for sale seperately:

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