When installing a new timing belt, be sure to replace tensioner, and idler bearings!

Idler bearing on a 1998 Dodge Neon failure

We had a customer that was driving his 1998 Neon the other day when it shut off and didnt start again. Turns out that his idler bearing for the timing components failed, and the timing belt came off, causing all of his valves to crash into the pistons.

Heres a photo of the damage.
1998 Dodge Neon Dohc bent valves

Now, luckily enough you can get a set of replacement valves for $250 from Modern Performance, and the rest of the replacement timing hardware is cheap. But, it seems like failures like this always happen when its most inconvient, and when its incredibly hot outside. Our customer had to push his car to the side of the road in 100 degree heat and wait for a wrecker to tow him home. NOT FUN !

Written by Modern Performance

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