Vincent at MP bought a early 1995 Neon! A 4 lug, gray bumper sohc manual sedan!

Our employee Vincent over the weekend bought a 1995 Neon!
This one has gray bumpers, 4 lug, manual transmission, sohc engine.
What makes this such a special Neon? Whenever you see these gray bumper Neons, your looking at a super early build Neon.
They are no frills, with manual everything, no spoilers, no fog lights, they also come with lightweight 13 inch wheels.
So, you get a super lightweight car, that also has a SOHC engine with a hotter cam (95 SOHC engines had a production hotter camshaft!).
This means you get awesome gas mileage (35-40mph on freeway!) and great performance. All around a lot of fun!


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Photo of Hurst short throw shifter installed into a 03-05 Dodge Neon SRT4 sent in by Teddie H.

Vincent adds Euro Diamond headlights and turn signals, new alternator, window tint & booger bushings in 24 hours on his 95 Neon!!