Will my warranty be voided if i install a … .. ?

We have customers asking if certain parts will void their warranty on their new car all the time.

Its a valid concern, but yet, its one that most new car owners worry too much about.

First off, lets explain how many manufacturers have faith in aftermarket parts:

-Acura used to sell the NSX, and offered a dealer installed Comptech supercharger kit. You could have your local dealer install a SUPERCHARGER, and keep your factory warranty.
-Ford Racing sells packages that increase power, and improve handling, that when installed will allow you to keep your factory warranty.
-Mopar performance sells Scat packs which include pcms, cylinder heads, camshafts and more, that allow you to keep the factory warranty.

So, what that shows you, is that dealerships and manufacturers dont mistrust all aftermarket parts, or instantly void a warranty when non factory parts are installed.

Its more of a combination of the reliability of the part, and how it will affect the car after being installed.

For example:
An Injen air intake, which is a major brand name, backed by a large company that tests their products, should give you no problems when installed on your car with a factory warranty.
A Flowmaster exhaust, which is a major, global brand name that almost anyone in the car industry will recognize, makes quality products, and wont give you problems, or warranty issues.
Eibach lowering springs, are a very good quality part, with a global name, and items are rigorously tested before being sold. These will not give you issues.

Items that the dealership will most likely frown on:
Parts that will give you any sort of driveability issue/unknown problems can create problems with the dealership.

– Any part that is not professionally made
– Any part that has inconsistent performance or reliability
– Any part that can affect another part of the car

Great examples are things like:
Nitrous kits – these radically change the way the motor performs, and alters air/fuel mixtures. You can damage the motor easily with a nitrous kit.

So, for those of you considering things like:
Air intakes
Intercooler piping kits
Lowering Springs
Other dress up accesories
Strut bars/Swaybars
and similar items

Dont fear, you’ll be fine.
Also, lastly, if you are really concerned about a dealership giving you a hard time about an item that you have installed before going in for routine service, keep in mind you can always switch the item back to stock. This is only if you are very concerned and or think the dealership will give you a hard time. In almost all cases, as long as you follow our safe list of items, you’ll be fine

Written by Modern Performance

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