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Vince got some floor mats from Canada for his 95 Neon ACR coupe.

Its difficult to find good condition floor mats for 95-99 Neons in 2017.

Let alone, 1995-1996 Neon floor mats as they are more rare.

Anyways, Vince needed floor mats for his 95 Neon with light colored interior, and he found a set in Canada! So, shipping cost like twice what the floor mats cost, but he got a cherry set of floor mats for the 95!

Check out the mats!

Alex’s barn find 98 Neon R/T is up and running. Check out the before and after photos!

Our friend Sgt Alex Lopez bought this 1998 in 2012. When Alex found it, there was no engine, and most of the interior was missing.

It sat for a while, and Alex slowly built it up, and got it running again.

2012 vs 2017 photo:

Want to check out more photos from before Alex bought it? Check the link below.

Barn find! 98-99 Dodge Neon RT that our friend Alex found/is buying.

Alex got a new set of wheels for his 98 Plymouth Neon ACR

Our good friend Alex, who bought a bone stock 98 Plymouth Neon ACR a few weeks ago,  has replaced his bubble alloy wheels with a set of Rota Slipstreams!

These wheels used to be on my 95 NYG ACR, which we are currently doing the SRT4 swap into. I hadnt planned on selling these wheels, but due to me installing the SRT4 brakes, we need more clearance for the SRT4 calipers, and will need larger wheels. Furthermore, the super lightweight 15 inch Rota wheels will spin like mad with the additional power and torquefrom the 2.4 turbo setup thats being planted into the 95 Neon NYG engine bay.

Before we move onto the photos, Id like to give you some more information on the Rota Slipstream wheel for the 95-05 Dodge/Plymouth Neon. I HIGHLY recommend them for the following reasons 1) You can get them in the PERFECT offset for the Dodge Neon. 2) They are super lightweight 3) They are super affordable, usually costing only $110-$130 per wheel in the 15 x 7 inch size.

Now, onto the photos.

Here is a photo of a stock wheel on a weight scale. Here you can see it weighs 32 lbs for the stock 14 inch wheel and tire.
Stock bubble alloy Dodge Neon wheel and tire weight

Here is a photo showing the Rota 15 inch wheel and tire, weighing in at 31.4 lbs. Saving 1/2 a lb doesnt sound like much, but it makes a difference, and the lower profile tire makes for better cornering!
Rota Slipstream 15 inch wheel with tire weight for Dodge Neon

Now here is what Alex’s 98 Plymouth Neon ACR looks like with his bubble alloy wheels.
1998 Plymouth Neon ACR with stock bubble alloy wheels

Front quarter view with the new Rota wheels, also showing off the Stealth black Depo headlights.
Rota Slipstream 15x7 inch on a 98 Plymouth Neon

Front quarter view with the stock 14 inch bubble alloy wheels.
98 Plymouth Neon with stock bubble alloy wheels

Ahh, what a beautiful wheel..

Rota Slipstream 15x7 wheel mounted on 98 Dodge Neon

98 Plymouth Neon with stock bubble alloy wheels

Wheels that are lighter, larger in diameter, and better looking!

Rota Slipstream 15x7 wheel mounted on Dodge Neon

To view the other blog posts on Alex, simply type in Alex in the search bar in the blog, or copy and paste the link below into your brower. In the posts that show up youll see how Alex bought his car, and his first round of modifications.


Photos of a Mishimoto Radiator installed into a 95-99 Neon

Rich Clauser received a Mishimoto Aluminum radiator and promptly installed it into his 98 Neon with SRT4 motor swap. He sent us these photos that we decided to share with you all.

First, his stock radiator:
95-99 Neon Stock Radiator

Photos of his Mishimoto radiator installed:
Mishimoto Radiator installed into a 95-99 Neon
Mishimoto Radiator installed into a 95-99 Neon

Link to the Mishimoto Radiator on our website:

MPx Neon 2.4 Motor swap Power Steering brackets finally all cut !Off to powdercoaters now!

MPx Neon 2.4 swap Power Steering brackets finally cut

The MPx Neon 2.4 Motor swap Power Steering brackets are all finally cut ! PHew, that took a long time! Now they are all off to the powdercoaters to be powdercoated black.

Thank you guys for all your patience on this, we have been working hard to get these in for some time! We’re on the home stretch now!

Previous blog posts about the 2.4 power steering bracket:

Headlight comparison for 03-05 Neon and SRT4 owners

I talked to a customer with a 2003-2005 SRT4 today that asked me:
“Whats the difference in all of the headlights you offer?”

So, I thought it would be good to take some photos and show the difference between the different models of headlights we offer and explain some of the differences.

First, heres the lineup of headlights we will be discussing today. From left to right, we have the Depo Factory style headlight, the Depo Projector style headlight, and the Halo Projector style headlights.

03-05 Neon/SRT4 headlight comparison

Here we see the backsides of the headlights, from left to right, the Halo Projector style headlights, Depo Projector style headlights, and Depo factory style headlights.

03-05 Neon/SRT4 headlight comparison

Here we have a backside closeup view of the Depo factory style headlight. The main plug in the center is the headlight plug, and the turn signal receptacle cannot be seen, off to the side.  The Depo factory style headlights have headlight bulbs, and turn signals preinstalled, ready to go. It also has factory style adjustments for light adjustment.

03-05 Neon/SRT4 headlight comparison

Here we have a backside closeup view of the Depo projector style headlight. The Depo projector light has a headlight bulb, and turn signal bulb preinstalled. The adjustment for light output is quite a bit different, and harder to adjust than a factory style light because youll need to remove the light to make adjustments to heigth of the light output.

03-05 Neon/SRT4 Depo Factory Style headlight

Here we have a backside closeup view of the Halo Projector style style headlights.This light is the most complicated headlight out of the three, because you have seperate wiring for the turn signals and halo lights that need to be connected. It comes with a bulb and wiring for the headlight, and its ready to connect. The turn signal bulb is not preinstalled, and you have to transfer the bulb and socket wiring from your factory headlight over to this one (thats easy). For those of you thinking about getting this headlight, even though it looks intimidating, dont worry as we include a 8 page installation instruction set with each headlight purchased at MP.

03-05 Neon/SRT4 Depo Projector Style headlight

Check out this 1991 Brochure from Chrysler on the Neon Concept..

A local enthusiast named Jason stopped by our office to show us a brochure he found from Chrysler in 1991 about the Neon concept.
1991 Dodge Neon Concept Brochure

This brochure has early concept drawings showing sliding doors, and a hood that opens forwards.
1991 Dodge Neon Concept Brochure

Check out the text on the backside ! This concept had a 1.1 liter 3 cylinder motor that produces 100 horsepower.
1991 Dodge Neon Concept Brochure

Lucky for 95-99 Neon enthusiasts the Neon wasnt built with a 1.1 liter 3 cylinder! Could you imagine what the Neon would be like with a 3 cylinder motor 100 horsepower motor ?

Teardown of both car’s interior, and motor for the swap

Its time to start the teardown of both cars. The motor, interiors will be pulled in preparation of the swap.
Lots of photos are being taken in this stage, measurements are being made of the engine bays to measure clearances as well.

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

SRT4 donor car’s dash is completely removed, steering column removed.

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

Both the 2.4 all motor engine with transmission, and the SRT4 motor with transmission are pulled at this point and sitting near the rear of the Neon.

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

Its pretty scary to see the entire Neon dash torn apart.

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

SRT4 engine/trans on the left, old engine/trans platform (2.4 all motor) on the right.

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

The new powerplant. This should give at *LEAST* 35 more horsepower at the wheels, and about 50 lbs of torque MORE than the older engine (power quoted at the wheels, not at the engine!) It will be fairly easy to produce 70 more horsepower and about 100 lbs of torque more at the wheels than the older setup with the SRT4 motor. That will make a HUGE difference in such a light car as the 95 Neon.

Future home of the 04 SRT4 motor and transmission.

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

Piles of Neon and SRT4 parts are all around.

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

95-99 Neon Enthusiasts will recognize a lot of the parts in this pile.

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

One of our two mechanics who are making this project happen. This is Fuey (pronounced Foo EE) who is one of the best fabricators /installers in Houston.

SRT4 into 95 Neon swap

Drove the 04 SRT4 and the 95 NYG Neon to the mechanics shop to start the swap..

It was time to bring the 04 SRT4 donor car and the 95 Nitro Yellow Green Neon over to the mechanic shop where the swap would take place.

I snapped this photo in route to the mechanics shop.
95 Neon NYG with 04 SRT4 in side view mirror

This photo may not be too impressive graphically, however, its the last photo I ever took of the SRT4 donor car driving under its own power, and the last photo I ever took driving the 95 Neon with the 2.4 all motor engine platform.

After both cars arrived at the mechanics shop less than 1 mile later after this photo, it was a matter of time before both were dissasembled to start the swap.

Update on the Neon 2.4 Power Steering bracket production

For those of you 1995-1999 Neon owners who want to do a Stratus 2.4 motor swap, Modern Performance is close to making your swap easier!

Our super strong, 1/4 inch thick steel Power Steering bracket is just about ready for sale.

We’ve had 100 brackets water jet cut in solid 1/4 inch thick steel. Next step is to have them powdercoated in black to protect them against rust, and make them look really good. So, as of this blog post, we expect to have our 2.4 swap Power Steering brackets finished and ready to sell in about 2 – 2.5 weeks.

Our original blog post is here :

Mishimoto Radiator for the 95-99 Neon – SPECIAL deal – 40% off for limited time

Mishimoto Radiator for the 1995-1999 Dodge Neon

EDIT – Less than 30 hours after announcing this deal we are completely sold out.

Modern Performance is offering a one time special deal on the Mishimoto radiator for the 95-99 Neon. These normally sell for $220-$230, but due to Mishimoto welding on only 1 upper mounting stud instead of two (edit)

These radiators are made out of aluminum for maximum heat absorbtion and dissipation, and are absolutely perfect for use with 95-99 Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler Neons with or without AC, and with single or dual fans.

Heres the link for the Special priced radiators:

Once they sell out, the link above will no longer be valid.

We will be stocking the new batch of Mishimoto radiators with the second stud shortly after we sell out of these.

95-99 Dodge/Plymouth Neon Check engine codes (CEL)

Check engine light on in  your 1995-1999 Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler Neon ? Read further to find out how to check why the light is on.

1. Cycle the ignition key ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON within 5 seconds.
2. Count the number of times the “check engine” lamp on the instrument panel flashes on and off. The number of flashes represents the code. There is a slight pause between the flashes representing the first and second digits of the code. Longer pauses separate individual codes. For example, flash-flash-flash [pause] flash-flash represents the code 32.

To cycle the ignition key ON means to turn it only as far as it takes to get the radio to come on. It does not mean to turn the
engine on.

CODE Description of Trouble Code
11 Timing belt skipped 1 tooth or more from initial learned value, Intermittent loss of either camshaft or crankshaft position sensor, No crank reference signal detected during engine cranking
12 Direct battery input to PCM was disconnected within the last 50 key-on cycles
13 No change in MAP from start to run
14 MAP sensor voltage too low
15 No vehicle speed sensor signal
17 Closed loop temp not reached or engine cold too long
21 02s sensor problem (oxygen sensor), upstream or down stream
22 Engine coolant temp sensor out of range
23 Intake air temp sensor out of range
24 Throttle Position sensor out of range
25 Idle air control motor circuits, target idle not reached (+/- 200),vacuum leak found
27 Injector control circuit
31 Evap purge flow monitor failure or evap solenoid circuit
32 EGR system failure
33 A/C clutch relay circuit
34 Speed control Solenoid circuits
35 Rad Fan control relay circuit
37 Torque converter clutch solenoid CKT or park/neutral switch failure
41 Generator field not switching properly
42 Fuel pump relay control ckt, Auto shutdown relay control ckt, No ASD relay output voltage at PCM, Fuel level sending unit volts out of range, Fuel level unit No change over miles
43 Multiple/ single cylinder misfire
44 Battery temp sensor volts out of range
46 Charging system voltage too low
51 Fuel system lean
52 Fuel system rich
53 Internal control failure
54 No Cam signal at PCM
55 End of error messages (If you get this only, no errors were found)
62 PCM failure SRI mile not stored
63 PCM Failure EEPROM write denied
64 Catalytic Converter Efficiency Failure
65 Power steering switch failure

Decided on a new engine/setup for the 95 NYG ACR..

The 95 NYG ACR posted in this blog a few times originally started as a shell found in a junkyard, then had a built up sohc 2.0 motor, then a 2.0 magnum motor installed, and lastly had a 2.4 Dohc motor swapped into it.

Its been running great for the longest time, and has provided PLENTY of power for lots of fun.

However, I cant leave good alone, and have decided that Im going to do a complete 03-05 Neon SRT-4 swap into the 95 Neon. Id like to take the entire  pcm, harness, transmission, engine, COMPLETE setup and swap it into the 95 Neon.

Its going to be a massive undertaking, first of which Ill have to start off with a 03-05 SRT-4 donor car. I hope to find a complete car at a auction that has the complete engine, transmission, harness, pcm, braking system, steering column intact for the swap.

For those of you who’d like to find out more about this swap, I invite you to visit www.neons.org in the engine swap section where quite a few people have already undertaken this swap with great results!

Heres a picture of DAjokerz 1995 Neon NYG with SRT-4 swap posted on Neons.org

95 Neon with SRT-4 motor swap

95-05 Neon Transmission Cross Reference Guide (for 3.94 / 3.55 trans identification)

This was already posted as a sticky on Neons.org, but because its such a valuable reference to first gen Neon owners, I think its important to have several copies of it posted in different locations. This way in case someones computer fails, we wont lose this valuable cross reference guide.

This guide will be very useful for you guys out there trying to identify which gear sets and final drive you have in your Neon manual transmission.

In order to use this chart, you will need to read the identification tag on your transmission. Its attached to the transmission on the drivers side, behind the wheel, facing outwards.

Heres a small chart that you probably cant even read, just to show what it looks like.

95-99 Neon Manual Transmission Cross Reference guide 3.94 / 3.55

To see the actual chart, click on this link.

BC Coilover adjustment Tech 95-99 Dodge Neon, 00-05 Dodge Neon, 03-05 Dodge SRT4, 05+ Chevrolet Cobalt, 08+ Dodge Caliber SRT4

Its time to do a Tech session on adjusting BC Coilovers for the 95-99 Neon, 00-05 neon, 03-05 SRT-4, 05+ Cobalt, and 08+ Caliber SRT4.

Pictured here, is a set of 03-05 Dodge SRT-4 BC coilovers.

BC Coilover adjustment tech 95-99 Neon, 00-05 Neon, 03-05 SRT4, Caliber SRT-4

Installing, and setting up BC Coilovers should be done in four steps. First off, Installation, then Adjusting Heigth, Rebound and Compression adjustment, and Alignment. We highly recommend installing the coilovers in this order to make sure the coilovers are perfectly setup and tested before alignment. The reason for this, is that if you install the coilovers, get the heigth, rebound/ compression adjusted, aligment done and then have a tire rub against the fender youll have to do the aligment again after making adjustments.

Installing– Installing the coilovers should be pretty straightforward, remove the entire strut/spring assembly as a whole, and then install the coilover assembly. Its a little more difficult for the 05+ Cobalt owners on the rear because the shock and spring are seperate, and the shock is harder to access.

Adjusting heigth– When adjusting the heigth, youll be working with the components in the photo below. Here you see the upper two locking rings that secure the spring perch, and the lower hub joint locking ring.(All three pieces that are discussed are the gold anodized pieces in the photo below)

BC Coilover adjustment tech 95-99 Neon, 00-05 Neon, 03-05 SRT4, Caliber SRT-4

Now, for most of you out there, youll only need to work with the lower hub locking ring when making adjustments. In order to make a heigth change, you should loosen the hub locking ring counter clockwise.  Then, because the upper coilover assembly will spin in the strut mount, you can then thread the coilover up or down and make the overall coilover taller, or shorter to your liking. You DO NOT HAVE TO REMOVE THE COILOVER OFF THE WHEEL HUB TO MAKE A HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT! Then, after you make the adjustment, put the wheel onto the hub, lower the car and check the heigth. Make changes again to the heigth if neccesary, and then lastly lock down the hub locking ring.

Alignment– After you get the heigth adjusted to your liking, and your sure you wont make any further changes, then you should get an aligment. If you do not get an alignment, severe tire wear, weird tracking issues (car tracking to left or right) among other issues can happen.

Adjusting for Rebound and Compression– After everything is setup to your liking, its time to adjust the rebound and compression of the coilover. These are setup for 0-30 point adjustments, 0 being full soft, and 30 being full hard. 0 setting is at full left, 30 setting is at full right. Most of our customers find that a setting of 6-10 being best for street driving, 12-15 for competition use.

We hope youve found this tech issue useful !

For more photos and information on the BC coilover lineup click on this text.