Decided on a new engine/setup for the 95 NYG ACR..

The 95 NYG ACR posted in this blog a few times originally started as a shell found in a junkyard, then had a built up sohc 2.0 motor, then a 2.0 magnum motor installed, and lastly had a 2.4 Dohc motor swapped into it.

Its been running great for the longest time, and has provided PLENTY of power for lots of fun.

However, I cant leave good alone, and have decided that Im going to do a complete 03-05 Neon SRT-4 swap into the 95 Neon. Id like to take the entire  pcm, harness, transmission, engine, COMPLETE setup and swap it into the 95 Neon.

Its going to be a massive undertaking, first of which Ill have to start off with a 03-05 SRT-4 donor car. I hope to find a complete car at a auction that has the complete engine, transmission, harness, pcm, braking system, steering column intact for the swap.

For those of you who’d like to find out more about this swap, I invite you to visit in the engine swap section where quite a few people have already undertaken this swap with great results!

Heres a picture of DAjokerz 1995 Neon NYG with SRT-4 swap posted on

95 Neon with SRT-4 motor swap

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