2003-2005 Dodge Neon SRT4 Owners with aluminum clutches..

This is a kit with the Mopar flexplate, backing, and all bolts.

We sell this kit because so many Neon SRT4 owners install the ACT or Clutchmasters clutch with aluminum flywheel (that replaces the flexplate with a built in starter ring gear).

Then, sometime after installing the ACT or Clutchmasters with aluminum flywheel if you decide to use a non aluminum flywheel clutch you are missing the needed Mopar flexplate, backing and bolts.

SO, ONLY for those of you who have an aluminum flywheel clutch kit installed in your car now, and you want to convert BACK to a standard clutch, and you dont have the OEM parts, this is exactly what you need to get a new clutch without aluminum flywheel into your car.

Written by Modern Performance

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