Difference between Modular and Nonmodular clutches for SRT4

We regularly get asked – whats the difference between a modular clutch and a nonmodular clutch by 2003-2005 Dodge SRT-4 owners.

The difference, is how the clutch is assembled onto your vehicle.

Heres a photo showing the difference between a factory 2003-2005 Dodge SRT4 clutch, and a ACT clutch.

The factory clutch which is a modular clutch is on the left, and the ACT clutch is on the right and its a nonmodular clutch.

SRT4 clutch - modular versus nonmodular design

The modular clutch on the left as you can see, is one piece – the flywheel, clutch disc and pressure plate and they mount to the flex plate that has the starter teeth built into it.

The nonmodular clutch from ACT on the right is all seperate – the flywheel, clutch disc and pressure plate. The starter teeth are built into the flywheel on the ACT clutch.

Now, most of you are probably wondering what the benefit of using either style is, and it really boils down to installation, and replacement.

Installation – the benefit of using a modular clutch, is ease of installation. Just bolt the flexplate to the crankshaft, then bolt the clutch to the flexplate.  Mopar likes to use modular clutches because they are easier to assemble onto a car in the assembly line when the car is built.

Replacement – if you have a warped flywheel, or a worn clutch disc when you have a non modular assembly you can replace the ONE piece thats bad. If you have a modular clutch you cant replace the one worn out piece you have to replace everything!

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