Caliber SRT4 clutch development Part 2 – Ready for testing

We’ve received a production unit of a Clutchmasters¬† Caliber SRT4 clutch and are about to test it out in our project Caliber SRT4. We’ve worked with Clutchmasters to get them to build a Caliber SRT4 performance clutch. This is really exciting news, because this will be a MUCH more affordable replacement clutch for the Caliber that can hold serious power than the factory clutch!

Here are some pictures.

Caliber SRT4 clutch development

Caliber SRT4 clutch development

Caliber SRT4 clutch development

Now, for those of you who have seen Neon, and Neon SRT4 clutches before, your probably wondering, why does it look so thick?

Its because the Caliber SRT4 uses a dual mass flywheel, which is a high end design of clutch/flywheel that significantly dampens vibrations, spikes in power from the engine and drivetrain. Because of the dual mass flywheel, the overall assembly is VERY heavy. The Caliber SRT clutch assembly weighs in at 38 lbs, whereas most conventional Neon and Neon SRT4 clutches are about 30 lbs.

The clutch we have photos of above, which is a single, standard flywheel made out of aluminum weighs in at 26 lbs, or a whopping 12 lbs off the drivetrain. The 12 lb weight savings will really increase the cars performance and acceleration.

One thing thats also of interest, is that the original clutch and flywheel were produced with Mercedes stampings and part numbers. Take a look at the photos below of our stock clutch.

Caliber SRT4 factory clutch

Caliber SRT4 factory clutch

Now, we are going to start testing the clutch in our Caliber SRT4, and we’ll keep you guys updated with our testing results!

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