2015-2018 Jeep Renegade owners with manual transmissions! We have performance clutches and aluminum flywheels!

The Jeep Renegade with 1.4 Turbo engine and manual transmission is a very rare combination. Most Renegades seem to be 2.4 and automatic.

Because of this, the manual transmission Renegade is very much neglected in the aftermarket. If you want a stronger clutch, there are zero options. If you want to install a lighter flywheel for a faster acceleration and rpm response, there is nothing out there.

Modern Performance to the rescue! We have made a line of clutches and flywheels with Clutchmasters. We worked with them to bring this to market, and we had to buy quite a large quantity of parts to make this happen.

For more details on our lines of clutches, flywheels, and other drivetrain parts, check us out by clicking on any of the photos below.

Written by Modern Performance

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