Diablosport Predator 03-05 SRT4 PACKAGE DEAL with PC USB Update kit now available!

Diablosport Predator 03-05 SRT4 WITH PC USB Update kit !

We’ve taken the Diablosport Predator, and the Diablosport Predator PC USB Update kit and packaged them both together to save you money and TIME !

Why are we offering them both together, when most other companies offer them individually ?

Well, all of the Predators we have sold recently have come from the factory needing a software flash update. So, for customers that have ordered a Diablosport Predator all by itself, they would receive them from us, try to flash their factory pcm, and then get the message that their Predator needs to be updated. They could not complete the pcm flash then, and would have to order the Predator USB Update kit to flash their Predator, wait a few days to get the pc update kit, and then flash their predator with the new software and then flash their factory SRT4 pcm.

So to save our customers time, and to make sure that when you get the Diablosport Predator for your 03-05 SRT4 you can flash your SRT4 pcm immediately, we are now packaging the update kit along with the predator.

And, for a limited time, we are offering both as a package price to save you money!

Heres the link to the package:

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