95-05 Neon Transmission Cross Reference Guide (for 3.94 / 3.55 trans identification)

This was already posted as a sticky on, but because its such a valuable reference to first gen Neon owners, I think its important to have several copies of it posted in different locations. This way in case someones computer fails, we wont lose this valuable cross reference guide.

This guide will be very useful for you guys out there trying to identify which gear sets and final drive you have in your Neon manual transmission.

In order to use this chart, you will need to read the identification tag on your transmission. Its attached to the transmission on the drivers side, behind the wheel, facing outwards.

Heres a small chart that you probably cant even read, just to show what it looks like.

95-99 Neon Manual Transmission Cross Reference guide 3.94 / 3.55

To see the actual chart, click on this link.

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