Mopar Manual trans fluid in stock for 95-05 Neon, 03-05 SRT-4, 08+ Caliber SRT-4

Mopar ATF+4 Fluid

We get a lot of calls from customers asking what type of oil they should be using for their vehicles, due to confusion at local dealerships. So, to make it easier, we have stocked up on plenty of Mopar Official manual transmission fluid and we can ship it right to your doorstep to make it easier.

So now, when youve got a good amount of mileage on your car, or are doing a clutch job and want to refresh the manual trans fluid in your car you can get the correct fluid from Modern Performance!

Now, we are listing this fluid as Manual transmission fluid, however the label shows ATF+4 in the picture and you might be a little puzzled. Mopar used ATF+4 in all of the manual transmission Neons, Neon SRT-4’s as well as Caliber SRT-4’s and so as weird as it might seem, this is the right stuff!

2008-2009 Caliber SRT-4 – Fill Capacity 4 Quarts of ATF+4

Please note: This is the fluid recommended by Mopar for the vehicles above. If you drive your car very hard, a Chrysler Engineer that we work with quite a bit has recommended the use of Mobil 1 High Mileage 10w/30 with ZDDP or Zinc dithiophosphate which helps protect the gear surfaces better under high heat conditions. You can find the ZDDP labeling on the back of the container.

Want to find out more about ZDDP ? Check out more details on with this link..

Link to 95-99 Neon, 00-05 Neon, 03-05 Neon SRT-4 ATF+4 fluid..

Link to 08-09 Caliber SRT-4 ATF+4 fluid..

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