Adjusting dampening level on BC coilovers

One question we get asked often is how to adjust the dampening of BC coilovers.
Its simple really.

BC coilovers are 30 way adjustable, which means they have 30 settings.
0 is full soft
30 is full hard

BC Coilover adjustment knob

All you have to do to adjust the dampening, is rotate the knob on the top of the strut. If you have shocks, sometimes the adjustment is on the bottom of the strut, and with cars with no access to the dampening knob, sometimes there are extension cables to adjust the dampening away from the top of the strut.

Anyways, this is a regular strut type assembly with the knob on the top.
Rotate the knob as far as it will go to the left until the knob stops. That is zero.
Then, rotate backwards or to the right to stiffen the suspension.

When we discuss numbers with BC coilovers we are frequently referring to the hardness setting.
For example, on our Dodge Dart, we have currently 8 front and 12 rear.
That means, we rotated the knob all the way to the left until it stopped, that is level zero, and then 8 clicks to the right for the level 8 on the front, and 12 clicks to the right for the level 12 on the rear.

Written by Modern Performance

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