Are your car windows opening and closing slow? Making squeaking or squealing noises?

One area of car maintenance that is seriously overlooked, is lubricating window moldings/rubber seals.
Over time, the more sun exposure your rubber moldings get, the more dry they get, and that causes windows to stick, windows to make odd squeaking or squealing noises, and other seal issues.

One product that is designed specifically for rubber moldings is Shin Etsu grease. This stuff is commonly known in the Honda world, however, it works on all rubber moldings no matter what kind of car you have. (Click the link below for more info and to buy)

This works on all rubber seals on the doors, windows, sunroofs, etc. Wherever you have rubber trim, you should apply this stuff. It will make the rubber moldings more flexible and pliable.

It can also help restore some of the black sheen of your moldings. It wont return them to like new black condition, but it helps regardless.

Photos of moldings with Shin Etsu grease applied on the right, old and dry on the left.

Moldings on bottom are old and dry, the moldings on top have Shin Etsu grease applied.

Written by Modern Performance

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