Before and After installation of a Vibrant Oxygen Sensor Check engine eliminator

We installed a Vibrant Oxygen sensor check engine eliminator onto our 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Turbo last night.

We installed this onto our car because everyonce in a while we would get a check engine light for a catalyst efficiency code P0420 or P0430.

Even though we have a high flow Vibrant spun core catalytic convertor on our downpipe, the factory pcm is very sensitive, and would trigger the check engine light at times.

By installing this device, the Oxygen sensor would have less flow over it, and therefore the pcm computes that the catalytic convertor is converting the exhaust flow at maximum efficiency. This means you wont have anymore check engine lights coming on!

Here are the photos of downpipe and the oxygen sensor:

Here is a photo of the downpipe, the Vibrant oxygen sensor check engine light eliminator and the oxygen sensor installed:
Vibrant Oxygen sensor check engine light eliminator

Now, one thing that MUST be stressed, is that some people have been concerned about using the oxygen sensor check engine light eliminator and how it reduces flow to the oxygen sensor. This is NOT a concern, because, there are two oxygen sensors in your downpipe, an upstream and a downstream oxygen sensor. The upstream monitors how the engine is running, and is critical, but the downstream oxygen sensor is not critical, because its primary purpose is to monitor the catalytic convertors efficiency. So, when you use this piece, your only changing what the pcm sees related to the catalytic convertor, which doesnt affect the engine performance or idle.

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