Buy new struts and springs? Or, just buy coilovers?

We had a customer comparing the cost of buying new struts and springs versus coilovers. This customer wanted all new strut mounts, bearings, etc but was concerned about the cost of this setup versus coilovers.

Cost of OEM parts plus springs

Struts $380

Springs $200

Strut mounts $200

Bearings $100

Bump stops $50

Dust boots $30

Hardware to secure struts to strut mount $15.00

Labor to install everything together $150-$200

This is close to $1300 in parts and labor.

Or, you could buy coilovers, that are already assembled, and ready to go for $899-$995 and have everything in the suspension already preassembled. Plus, and we feel this is the most important part, is Coilovers are designed from scratch to be lowered, and so they last a much longer time compared to oem struts and lowering springs.

Written by Modern Performance

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