Comparison of Caliber SRT4 seats – Airbag type seats vs “Viper Style” non airbag seats

We have two Caliber SRT4’s that we are driving/testing/modifying here at Modern Performance. Ones a super early build 2008 Inferno Red Caliber SRT4 and the other is a late 2008 built Black Pearl coat. The black Caliber SRT4 has the airbag seats whereas the red Caliber SRT4 has the “viper style” seats.

Since we have both cars here, we thought you guys might enjoy seeing the difference between the seats. Notice how much deeper the seat area and the shoulder bolsters are on the “viper style” seats.

Caliber SRT4 seat without side airbags

Caliber SRT4 seat WITH side airbags

Written by Modern Performance

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