Custom Neon/SRT4 JE pistons? No problem! Here are some 12.5:1 long rod SOHC pistons we had made!

We had a customer contact us that wanted some very special pistons for his 1995-2005 Dodge Neon.

He had a Sohc 2.0 engine.

He wanted 12.5:1 compression pistons
He also had a custom crankshaft with long stroke rods and needed a piston with a wrist pin and head clearance to accomodate.

So, we worked with JE and had these one off bad boys made!

Custom one off pistons, American made, Forged and machined by JE, and these only took about 3 weeks to get made.

If you need custom pistons, need overbore pistons, coated pistons, custom compressions, etc, contact us!

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