SRT4 COMPLETE swap into a 1995 Neon. Part 2

Previously, in part 1 we showed you photos of the 1995 Neon that we were doing the swap onto. Now, lets show you some photos of the donor SRT4 .

Here are photos of the donor car for the swap. This is a Salvage title 2004 Dodge SRT4 with 65,000 miles. It was involved in several accidents and has had some frame damage. Because it ran well, but had a beat up exterior it made for a perfect donor car for our swap. Although it looks good in these photos, theres LOTS of bondo, and nasty repair work hiding under the paint.

Heres the business end of the donor SRT4.

The roof had cracks from the huge amounts of bondo expanding and contracting under the paint.

Interior shot.

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