For SRT4 owners who are having clutch engagement problems..

MPx Clutch Pedal Pivot Arm and Bushing

Problem: For 03-05 SRT4’s, the hydraulic clutch master cylinder connects to the clutch pedal via whats called a Clutch Pivot. The master cylinder connects to the clutch pivot and has a plastic locking clip to hold it in place. Over time ,the plastic locking clip will break, and or wear away and cause inconsistent clutch engagement/disengagement.

So, we designed a piece that would replace the factory plastic clutch pivot piece altogether with an alumium body, bearing grade bronze bushing, grade 8 bolt and e-clip.

This gives you a MUCH more solid clutch feel, and will eliminate any clutch inconsistencies. Plus, its very simple to install, and only requires a socket set, and about 5 minutes to remove the factory piece and install the MPx clutch pivot arm!

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