Gain 16lbs of torque, 15 hp at wheels with Dodge Dart 1.4 Turbo

We are about 1.5 weeks to releasing for sale a awesome new part for the 2013 Dodge Dart 1.4 Turbo.

This part gives an impressive 16.4 lbs of torque, and 15.6 hp at the wheels after installation and a clear gain across the rpm range. Furthermore, this part allows the Dart to gain back the power that dives off the cliff at 4500 rpms!

We cant discuss this part yet (sorry for doing this, we’re just too excited), but we can share this dyno graph with you guys.

We’ll keep you guys posted as we get closer to releasing this part! Thanks guys.

The red line is before, and the blue line is after. The top line that is fairly flat is the torque curve, and the ramped curve is the horsepower starting at the left of the dyno.

Written by Modern Performance

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