How to rebuild your car’s engine with the help of a local machine shop.

Ok! One question we get asked often, is “How do I rebuild my engine”?

The process is fairly easy. Here it is highly abbreviated.
1) Order complete engine rebuild kit
2) Remove engine
3) Take engine to specialty automotive machine shop
4) Pick up assembled engine
5) re-install engine in your car

Now, it can be easy, but the more work you want to do on your own is what can make it complicated.

Want to have very little work on your own? Simple, take your car to a good local mechanic, they can remove the engine and take the engine to the machine shop.
The machine shop installs new bearings, pistons, rings, rods, whatever level of rebuild you want, and then the mechanic picks it up complete, and re-installs the engine.
This can get expensive though as the mechanic will be doing a lot of work. Figure for most four cylinder engines, you could spend as little as $2500, with most builds averaging about $3500-5000 depending on parts and complexity of engine.

Want to save money? You can buy parts, and have machine shop labor of about $1800-2500 for a really good performance engine rebuild kit with forged pistons, rods, camshafts, bearings, gaskets, etc. If you can remove the engine yourself, and then reassemble the completed engine, you could save nearly $2000 of labor or more. BUT, if you are not competent or have the right tools it could turn out to be a disaster.

When searching around for a good machine shop, we recommend typing in the name of your city in Yahoo or Google, and Automotive Machine Shop.
Look at some search results we found in Yahoo for Houston, TX:


Now, try to make sure you dont get results for regular repair shops. Make sure it shows engine rebuild shop, or machine shop in the title so you know you are dealing with a good machine shop that can fully assemble your engine and make sure everything is set up correctly.

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