If you have HUGE camshafts in your Neon/SRT4 you need Rhoads lifters.

If you have big camshafts (ie, Crane 18+ for a Dohc Neon or Neon SRT4,) or Crower stage 4+ camshafts for a Dohc Neon or Neon SRT4, chances are good your familiar with:

– Running SUPER rich at idle, dumping gas out the tailpipe
– Poor startup
– Very low vacuum

Now, the solution to fix this, is Rhoads lifters. Rhoads lifters replace the factory lifters/lash adjusters and improve all three conditions above. Rhoads modifies the lifters so they actually bleed down at lower rpms, and then above 3000 rpms they go full hard. This allows for more vacuum at idle, which improves idle quality, startup, and gas mileage.

We made a video showing a before and after with vacuum display, air fuel ratio, as well as a startup video. Keep in mind this is a high compression 2.4 motor with nearly 11:1 compression, and Crower stage 4 cams.

Click here to view the video:
Why your Neon/SRT4 with big camshafts needs Rhoads lifters

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