Neon SRT4 – upgrade from stage 2 to stage 3 kit? Of course we can help!

Question from a customer with a Neon SRT4:
“I have a full Stage 2 with toys setup right now and I was wondering if you offer or could piece together an upgrade kit to stage 3 with toys like Mopar used to sell?”

Yes! We can help! We have all of the components in stock to upgrade a stage 2 kit to a full blown stage 3 kit.

These are the components you’ll need.

stage 3 turbofold
stage 3 02 housing
exhaust manifold gasket
02 housing gasket
stage 3 fuel pump
stage 3 fuel pump rubber gasket
copper washers for oil/coolant lines
oil return tube gasket
installation cd
fuel rail

If your interested, contact us – or 713-270-8520 to discuss.

Written by Modern Performance

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