NEW – MPx Big Oil Filter Kit 03-05 Neon SRT-4!

First off, this isn’t a new idea. Companies have been selling kits that would allow you to run a larger oil filter for a while. With engine running oil through a larger filter, you’ll get better filtering for a longer period of time and slightly more oil capacity.

mpx big oil filter kit

The MPx big oil filter kit is based on a spacer that goes between the oil pan and filter mount. After securing the spacer with the provided longer hardware, you’ll gain the clearance needed to run the also supplied Mobil1 oil filter (available at any parts store for later oil changes). Our spacer has o-rings built in so it functions as it’s own gasket.

mpx big oil filter spacer installed

The MPx kit does not require the removal of the oil cooler or the installation of extra factory gaskets.

Available now – kit includes spacer, hardware and Mobil1 filter. $46.99

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