What’s the difference in the V1 and V2 projectors?

What’s the difference in V1 and V2 headlamps?

This is a pretty common questions as these two products are really similar looking. Both are projector head lamps that fit the 03-05 Neon/SRT-4. Both units feature Halo rings around the high and low beam lamps and both also have three LED lights that can be wired in as turn signals. So, what’s different between them?

lamp difference v1 v2

There a few differences that make these two products pretty different. In the above photo you can see the V1 on the left and V2 on the right. While both of these lamps have a black interior around the main lights, the area around the turn signal bulb above is different. The “shelf” area below the turn bulb is chrome in the V1 and black in the V2. Also we don’t recommend using the gaskets that come with the V1, for a better gasket fit, you should remove the ones from your stock lights and install them on the V1’s. The V2 also has a slightly short gasket but uses it’s own style of gasket that does not provide tabs to hold a stock gasket like the V1.

lamp differences v1 and v2

Above you can see the big difference that sets these two light apart is the clear lens over the housing. To clear the projector, the V1’s have a bubble over the outer edge. The V2 on the right, is smooth since the projector is more recessed and will not interfere with the lens. There is no light output advantage to either style.

lamp difference v1 and v2

In the above photo here you can see the “shelf” area below the turn signal in the V1 is chrome and black in the V2. Also the area around the lens is ribbed inside on the V1 and solid black on the V2.

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