Photo of new Asymmetrical pistons for Neon SRT4 from JE

JE Asymmetrical pistons for Neon SRT4
(Image above is of the 8.5:1 compression Neon SRT4 pistons)
JE has released their new line of Asymmetrical pistons for the Neon SRT4. This piston design eliminates piston skirt area thats not needed in order to cut down on weight, and drag. This allows your motor to rev faster, have faster throttle response, and make more power because it takes less effort for the piston to reciprocate in the piston bore.

In most cases, about 10% of the weight can be cut by going to a Asymmetrical piston skirt design.

95-99 Dodge Neon low compression 8.8:1 JE pistons
95-99 Dodge Neon Low compression 8.8:1 JE pistons

Images above are of the 8.8:1 compression 95-99 Neon 2.0 pistons)

We are currently stocking JE’s asymmetrical piston design for the Neon SRT4 in the 8.5:1 compression, as well as the 8.8:1 piston for the 2.0 95-99 Neon.

2.4 engine:

2.0 engine:

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