New Photos of AGP Turbo Kits for Neon SRT-4’s!

We had the opportunity to snap some new photos of the AGP turbo kits for the Neon SRT-4. The first is the AGP Zeta 2.8 kit with polish option.

AGP Zeta 2.8 polish

This is a great kit for street use! In the .48 A/R, the Z2.8 will acheive 20psi before 3000rpm and will max out around 470whp. In the .63 A/R, expect full boost around 3200rpm and the ability to hit 500whp around 28psi with the turbo maxing boost around 30psi. If you like the AGP 50 trim, you’ll love this little Zeta. Faster spoolup, and more power than the 50 trim, the 2.8 will set the new standard of pump gas, street car turbo.

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The second kit a big one, the GT35R!

AGP gt35r srt-4

Much like the GT3082R, the GT3582R carries a larger GT35 turbine wheel to reduce a little more of that manifold backpressure. Full boost around 3700-3800 in the .63 A/R turbine housing, 4100-4200 in the .82 A/R turbine housing. If you want the biggest GT ball bearing turbo that will bolt on your SRT-4, this is the one. This turbo will support 630whp at 40psi. Yes, you read that correctly 40psi. We recommend the .82 A/R turbine housing. This turbo is also known as the GT3540R or GT35R. This turbo comes with a Ported Shroud 4″ inlet and 2.5″ outlet.

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