Catastrophic clutch failure!

Ok guys, please excuse us from posting non Neon/SRT4/Cobalt/Caliber material in our blog/facebook!

This was just too cool to not post up though!

This is a photo of a clutch from an Audi A4 manual. I believe it has a 2.0 four cylinder turbo, not the 1.8 turbo that come in some of the VW/Audi’s.

Anyways, this is what a catastrophic clutch failure looks like.  We dont know the full story on it, but we can tell you that there was LOTS of clutch friction material everywhere in the transmission and large chunks of the clutch material were broken off the clutch disc.

The disc looked to be warped, so we can only assume this clutch was massively overheated from bad driving (new driver maybe?!) or a lot of high rpm clutch drops.

Either way, this clutch is SHOT !

Written by Modern Performance

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