Problem:Fuses keep blowing on this wiring..

We’re posting these photos and explanation to inform about electrical wiring and fuses.

We have a customer that owns a 2004 Dodge SRT4 with a quicktime cutout. The fuse in the wiring kept blowing, and then at one point the wiring melted.

The customer assumed that there was a problem with the motor and kept replacing the fuse.

After the fuse blew for probably a 3rd or 4th time he brought it in to MP. After seeing that the wiring melted we realized there was a direct short. We inspected the wiring and within 40 seconds we saw something wrong with the wiring.

Here is the problem. The wiring was somehow crimped, peeled back the wiring sheath and caused a direct short.

Morale of the story- if you have an electrical problem that keeps happening, dont assume its a fuses problem, double check the wiring!

Written by Modern Performance

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