Melted SRT-4 Spark Plug due to lean mixture/detonation

Ok SRT-4 fans, here is a Neon SRT-4 spark plug that suffered from so much heat and detonation that it failed. This was from a local Neon SRT-4 owners car that looks to have been running too lean . (Modern Performance did not work on this customers car, nor did we dyno test, or tune this car)

This particular Neon SRT-4 had such high cylinder temperatures in the combustion chamber, and detonation, that not only did the spark plug melt, and the cermic insulation break off, but the piston partially melted. Pics of the melted piston later!

Melted 03-05 Neon SRT-4 spark plug

Heres a closeup of the spark plug. Notice how the electrode partially melted, causing a glob of electrode. Compare the melted spark plug on the left to a brand new spark plug on the right.
Melted 03-05 Neon SRT-4 Spark Plug

This is why its absolutely CRITICAL to check your Exhaust GAS TEMPERATURES, and to check your Air/Fuel mixture ratios when tuning.

Written by Modern Performance

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