SRT4 COMPLETE swap into a 1995 Neon. Part 1

Ok, for those of you who are familiar with my 1995 Dodge Neon Nitro Yellow Green ACR, you can skip ahead. For those of you who arent familiar with the history of this car, heres a primer for you.

I found this car in a junkyard way back in June of 2006. It was a shell of a car, with a busted up interior, no engine/transmission and it wasnt far away from being crushed. The shell was in great shape with no major damage though, and it was a GENUINE ACR Nitro Yellow Green Neon!

Heres pictures of how I found the shell in the junkyard.

(Past thread on with the full history on this car is here: [url][/url]

Now, after buying the shell, piecing together the interior, suspension, I built up a 2.0 Magnum High Compression Sohc motor to play around with. I was able to get 160 horsepower and about 138 lbs of torque at the wheels out of that motor. It ran fine, but I needed more power so eventually I put in a high compression 2.4 motor out of a Dodge Stratus. With tuning, I was able to get a peak of 190 hp and 170 lbs of torque at the wheels. It felt great, but eventually I needed more power.

Thats how I decided to do a complete SRT4 swap. I wanted to have a solid 250+ horsepower at the wheels with the next motor combination, and the SRT4 motor could easily produce 250-300 horsepower at the wheels. I wanted it to be extremely reliable, be able to pass emissions tests, and be incredibly solid.

Tomorrow – photos of the donor car and teardown..

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