Tire sizing on Neon SRT4 –

We just had a customer call in that stated he had tire rubbing issues on his 2003-2005 Dodge SRT4.
He claimed that his car was rubbing with 245 series tires WITH bc coilovers. This should NOT happen with BC coilovers, because of the extra room caused by the space reduction going from a spring on strut design to a threaded body with spring design.

Now, the tire sizes:

Factory tire size is 205/50/17
Upgrade is 215/50/17 or 215/45/17
Next level upgrade is 225/45/17
Extreme upgrade is 245/40/17

This customer was having problems rubbing we think because of the following :

Wrong offset of wheel caused the tire to be too close to the coilover. (Ie, he had 35 offset, but really should have been like a 25-30 at mininum or less offset)

No use of spacers, wrong camber adjustment setting. If he had cambered his coilovers in and then adjusted the wheel back in he would have more clearance.

Or, simplest thing to do would be to just put on some spacers.

Either way, it can be done, but it involves a little more work to use big meaty tires on your Neon SRT4.

Written by Modern Performance

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