Top Gear America – finally a reality!

This is a repost from Autoblog concerning Top Gear America.

Put your skepticism aside, Top Gear fans. This is no drill. The History Channel will air the first ten episodes of an American version of everyone’s favorite car show this Fall. As you may recall, NBC took the first crack at producing a colonized version of TG, complete with hosts Tanner Foust, Adam Carolla and Eric Stromer. For whatever reason, the project went to the dumpster, and we haven’t heard word one until now.

It looks like Tanner Foust is still on board for The History Channel’s take on Top Gear America, but the two other hosts have been swapped for different talent. Foust will share the stage with Adam Ferrara – probably one of the funniest comedians working these days (seriously, hit the YouTubes) – and Rutledge Wood. Wood’s name will likely ring a bell with the NASCAR set. The guy’s been reporting on turning left since before they realized they were going in circles.

Can The History Channel give the guys the space they need to do the Top Gear name justice? We hope so. For once, the talent appears to be there, and getting out from under piercing glare of NBC’s lawyers is bound to be a good thing too. Suddenly, we can’t wait for Fall to roll around.

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Update to Top Gear USA – filmings taking place, 1 hour shows, unveiling in December on History