Whos ready for a front crash bar for the Neon SRT-4 ?

When you install a huge front mount intercooler you remove the front crash bar that protects your vehicle in low speed impacts as well as you remove a large reinforcement to your chassis! This will ultimately allow your vehicle to flex, and will create a lot more damage to your engine bay in a front end impact.

We’re working on a replacement crash bar that will work with the MPx front mount intercooler!

We are designing this crash bar to be stronger than any other design of crash bar on the market, all while not covering up the IC much, and not being able to be seen behind the bumper. We’re designing in plenty of clearance so that theres no problem with rubbing against the bumper, headlights, etc.

This intercooler crash bar is designed to work with the MPx intercooler and it looks like it will also fit the Spearco Monster intercooler as well.

Notice how we are using rectangular 16 gauge 2 inch steel bar. This bar when welded up and bolted in place is going to be VERY strong. In the photos below you can see the bracing running directly across to help stabilize the frame, and then we have a front crash bar to help protect the front end from damage in case of a low speed impact.

More photos will be posted when we finish up the prototype !

Neon SRT-4 Crash bar prototype

Neon SRT-4 Crash bar prototype

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